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Bugaboo Fox Stellar

Bugaboo Fox is one of the safest strollers on the market today, featuring a stable, smooth and comfortable ride for the baby. With an advanced all-wheel suspension and large tires, this stroller makes the perfect companion for you and your baby, whether on a sidewalk or uneven path. This versatile stroller is about to get even better! Introducing the new Bugaboo Fox Stellar, it’s bringing a new feature to fit your lifestyle. Stellar is coming soon to give some glow to your night walks. The limited edition Fox Stellar stroller includes 3M Scotchlite, a material that reflects light. This technology


Popular Royal Baby names everybody loves

The royal baby announcement for Spring 2019 has got everyone talking about it. Not only people are going crazy to see Meghan and Harry’s child, but they have already started wondering and guessing what name they are going to choose for the Queen’s great-grandson.  Choosing baby names is not an easy task. Parents realize there is a pressure of choosing a name since it will be one of the first things people learn about their child and it will follow them for the rest of their life.  And if you are a royal, the responsibility is ever more significant; because


Nuna announces brand first and only carrier CUDL

Nuna has created a buzz at the ABC Kids Expo’s first day with its brand new and only multi functional baby carrier CUDL, which will be available first trimester, 2019. Besides its many different functions, CUDL is lightweight, super comfortable, made of organic and breathable fabric and allows parents to secure the baby and customize it while keeping their hands free. With two magnetic closures on the top and two on the sides, this new baby carrier can be easily put on. The padded shoulder straps gives you more comfort to use it for hours. The thick padded waist straps comes


Simple toys can help special needs children to develop their skills

Toys can be a great way to keep children busy and entertained for a long time, however, they also help the little ones to unconsciously learn and develop their skills, such as logical thinking, language organization, and motor skills. Some of the benefits from playing with toys can be observed by teachers and psychologists as kids are able to socialize and understand basic rules of coexistence. And when it comes to special needs children, they work very well to stimulate and improve a specific ability. For instance, a simple board game is great for hand movement and directions, left and


Cutest Halloween Costumes For Your Baby 2018

Boo! Halloween is almost here and it’s time to trick or treat! Parents probably know how fun it is when you are a kid and go out from house to house for the most exciting tradition on October 31st. There are so many candies, laughter and cool different costumes to see. And even though your little one has no idea what all of this is about, they are now part of the family and need to have a lovely costume for family picture. And of course, mom and dad can save all the candy for themselves later. Here are the top (spookiest) cutest


The importance of choosing the safest and best car seat

Car crashes have been a leading cause of death for children over the last 10 years and it is extremely important for parents and caregivers to understand not only how to use the right car safety seats, but also which one to buy for their child in order to better protect them.  How can you make sure your child’s car seat is correctly installed? How can you be sure your child is safe? Where is the safest place to install a car seat? What is the safest car seat you should buy? These are very good questions that demand all


DockATots: Baby nests trend have been growing on new parents

DockATots are a new trend that’s been surprising parents from all over the world as they seem to find the products real simple and multi functional, with a lot of benefits for the newborn baby. Best described as a docking station, the dock is a cuddly and soothing lounge surrounded in a pillow pumper that creates a snug environment for your baby to play, rest or sleep. They come in Deluxe+ (for babies 0-8 months) and Grand (for infant and toddlers 9-36 months) models that offer different functions for the appropriate ages. Created by a Swedish company, these versatile, hypoallergenic


How Reborn Dolls help parents to introduce the second baby to the first child

Learning that there’s a second baby on the way is usually very exciting, but it might come with a big challenge: how to share the news with your first child and how they will react to it. As a parent, you need to be prepared and figure out how you are going to handle the situation when the newborn arrives at home. Children often feel left out and jealous of their siblings during the first months, especially because you will have, indeed, to spend more time taking care of the little one. But the good news is that the reborn


Top Trending Products

Baby Dam Bathtub Divider The BabyDam Bathtub Divider is a unique product that allows you to customize the size of your bathtub to fit your needs. Adjust the position to fit an infant, and move it back as your child grows. It provides a big water and energy saving. It has to be installed in standard shaped bathtubs with smooth bottom finish, so the suction cups can correctly adhere to the surface. ezpz Happy Mat The ezpz Happy Mat is made of high quality silicone, and works as a placemat with plate at the same time. It suctions directly to


Baby Checklist Essentials

With a big baby checklist in hands, many parents don’t want to buy every item, simply because they don’t find it necessary at the moment, or because they’re on a budget – and that’s perfectly fine. But with so many products available, a really common question pops up: what’s really important for the baby’s first months? Check up our list and learn the most important things for your baby! Clothing It’s really important that you have an assortment of clothes to protect your baby. For day-to-day clothes, think about comfort and practical items. Look for soft, durable and cotton clothing.