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Baby Registry Checklist – 6 to 12 months essentials

The next six months of the baby will bring a lot of new experiences with the introduction to solids, walking and talking. As she learns and discovers the world around, parents need to be prepared for this stage and have the right accessories to help her with the process. What really defines this stage of a baby’s life is movement, because it’s when she starts being aware of her own body and growing language, thinking and physical skills. This means you can take her out more often, even though there’s not a recommended medical age for that. “These are actually


Baby Registry Checklist – Newborn essentials

Early in the pregnancy, usually after learning the baby’s gender, first time moms will have to prepare themselves for their arrival and create a Baby Registry in their favorite retail store. From small and simple items like pacifiers or teethers to the big, more expensive ones like car seats, your list should include everything you will need to take care of your little one. Parents frequently tend to choose a lot of items for their Baby Registry, including both the essential and the nice optional extra ones, but some might be on a budget and would like to focus only


The best and most useful Baby Shower gifts ideas

A Baby Shower is a traditional party to celebrate the news of a pregnancy among the closest friends and family, who get together to welcome the baby. With a lot of activities and fun involving the mom, these events still have the purpose of helping the first time parents to acquire all the supplies they will need for the little one. And since they are probably going through a mix of emotions, their Baby Registry might be full of items they may not even use. Ideas of Baby Showers invitations, decor, games and activities or which theme to choose can


Celebrity favorite baby strollers

Comfort, functionality, size, style or color, these are just a few of the features to look for when choosing the perfect stroller for your baby; and it’s not different for celebrity parents. They are constantly spotted and photographed hanging out with their children on the streets of the most glamorous cities around the world, which can totally give you some inspiration and help you decide what to buy. Make no mistake, just because they are rich Hollywood stars, singers, models or actors it doesn’t mean they only choose the most expensive baby strollers. Some of them go for very popular