Best Compact Strollers Comparison 2020

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In today’s video we are going to show you 4 options of great compact strollers. Our Baby Gear Specialist will be doing a Full Stroller Review on each one of them so you can make that decision to fit your lifestyle.

Silver Cross Jet 2020:

Ultra compact with great improved upgrates the Jet Special Edition Mist is the perfect buggy for busy parents on-the-go. Some of the enhanced features are higher seat position, wider tires and improved suspension, usage up to 55 lbs and new soft-textured fabrics. These are just some of the 62 updates in the new Jet 2020. 

BabyZen Yoyo 2:

The 4 wheel suspensions provide unrivaled shock absorption
FOR THE PARENTS, YOYO2 brings a canopy window for keeping a constant eye on your child, a zipped back pocket to store essentials close at hand. A storage basket up to 5 kg and easily accessible from the front or back.

Bugaboo Ant:

The new Bugaboo Ant is perfect for travels, it’s definitely a small stroller for big adventures! It has all-wheel suspension offering a smooth ride. It’s also very compact, portable and light. All these features will make your child happy and relaxed on the road.

Uppababy Minu:

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable stroller, the Uppababy Minu is the perfect companion for you!
One-handed, one-step fold, stands when folded
Lightweight, portable design with carry handle and shoulder strap
Storage pocket
Multi-position recline
Shock-absorbing, all-wheel suspension
Extendable, pop out UPF 50+ sunshade

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