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Best gifts for baby’s first Christmas

Christmas is going to be even more magical this year because you are going to spend it with your little one. Celebrating your baby’s first Holiday season is a big deal for every new mom and dad, and this is why is important to be prepared and buy only gifts that are going to be both useful and helpful. Since this is a delicate age where they are still developing their motor skills, safety must be the priority. And as we mentioned before in our article about toys for Special Needs Children, some of them can actually help in this development process, and stimulate and improve specific abilities such as hand movements and directions. Based on that, we created a perfect list with the best Christmas gifts for your baby. Check it out!


Activity Gym

Easy for little hands to hold, teethers are great for babies, not only to soothe sore gums but also to stimulate coordination, visual development and relieve pain, while entertaining them during this stressful and uncomfortable phase of their lives.

Featuring rattles, teethers and a lot of colors, some activity gyms have numbers and pictures to make sure your baby can learn while being entertained.

Plush toys

Flora The Bunny is going to be your baby’s best friend. Great for snuggling, she plays peek-a-boo and sings “Do your ears hang low” while moving her flapping ears. Your little one will be fascinated.

Wubbanub pacifier

Wubbanub is not only a pacifier, but it comes with an adorable plush toy attached to it that is easy for your baby to hold. Just choose your favorite animal and see the magic happens when he or she holds it for the first time.

Bath toys

Bath time can be such a great moment between parents and baby. Create a bond with your little one while playing with a lot of different toys.

Christmas outfits

Enjoy the Holiday season to buy a lot of comfortable and warm clothes to celebrate Christmas with your baby. A lot of brands have incredible options of season footies, jumpsuits, shirt and pant sets, dresses and more.

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