Holiday gift guide 2020 for babies, toddlers, and moms

Thanksgiving is not even here yet, but before you know it, you’ll be seeing Christmas lights and decorations everywhere along with your favorite Christmas Carols. This means that the Holiday spirits are finally here for those Santa’s helpers who embrace this joyful magical season and cannot wait to get their family together for some great food and, of course, nice gifts as well. And let’s be honest, not only the naughty and good kids wait anxiously every year to see what Santa’s bringing them, but adults as well, after all… who doesn’t love gifts? So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give to babies, toddlers, and moms, you came to the right place, as we have prepared this amazing Holiday gift guide 2020 for babies/toddlers and Holiday gifts guide for moms.

Holiday gifts guide for babies/toddlers

When you think of a gift for a child, you instantly think of a toy. And even though toys may not sound like a useful gift, they are actually great for the little ones, because they can calm and soothe them besides helping them develop important sensory and motor skills. So for this Holiday gift guide for babies and toddlers, we carefully selected the best toys for each appropriate age.

Gift Ideas For Babies
During babies’ first year, the toys are supposed to prepare them for development achievements as well as help improve their sensory and motor skills, which is why sensory toys with a variety of textures, sounds and vibrant colors are so important. Toys such as playmat, teethers, rattles, musical mobiles and soft squeeze toys stimulate hearing and speech and language development, strengthen arms and legs, soothe sore gums, improve focus, build grip and enhance tummy play. You can’t go wrong with them!

Gift Ideas For Toddlers
A toddler already walks and starts making some sounds, like animal sounds, names and some small conversation. Toys for this stage are supposed to stimulate imagination, teach cause and effect, increase fine motor skills and enhance speech and language, social and cognitive development. It’s incredible how they learn and have fun at the same time!

Holiday gifts guide for moms

Having a child is an absolute blessing for so many, but the pregnancy and postpartum recovery may be quite stressful and somehow painful for a lot of women, which is why mom care is so important. After all, we all want a happy and healthy mommy taking care of a happy and healthy baby. For this reason, we cannot have a Holiday gift guide without having a Holiday gift guide for moms. So check out the perfect items to make every mom’s life easier!

Bags and accessories
Diaper bags will be one of the most useful accessories for at least a couple of years after the baby is born. Most of them are convenient and spacious and super elegant, and we have a great selection in this Holiday gift guide just for you. Moms can even choose between shoulder bags or backpacks, according to their style. Diaper bags are definitely on top of the list of this Holiday gift guide for moms because they are essential for every new mom. And of course, you can match a beautiful diaper bag with fashion sunglasses to put on a nice outfit.

From nursing bra to c-section and recovery undies and beautiful valentine’s dresses, every mom would love to have them all. After all, moms deserve to feel both comfortable AND beautiful. So check out our clothing selection for this Holiday gift guide for moms.

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