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Baby Care in Summer

Summer is almost here and if you have a baby or a toddler at home and want to enjoy nice outdoor activities with your family, you must be careful with the harmful Sun rays that can be extra dangerous to your little one’s sensitive skin. Not only protect your child’s skin from the sun, but you need to consider all the elements that may help her get more comfortable in the warmth of the season. Having proper cool and ventilated clothes as well as safety gear, make sure she is always hydrated and, of course, the right swimwear to avoid any accidents are just some of these elements.

In order to make the most of the bright hot Sunny days, check out our list of the best products to take care of your little one in the Summer.

Clothing & Accessories

When it comes to clothing, think of easy outfits that allow your child to move freely and play. It’s the perfect season to look casual and cool in shorts and sleeveless or short sleeves dresses and t-shirts. “Lightweight breathable clothes help prevent skin rashes” points out the Brazilian dermatologist Juliana Rego, who also warns parents to respect the recommended time to have direct exposure to the sun. “Do it only before 9 am and after 4 pm”, she says. Also, you must bring along sunglasses and hats that will go with the clothes will choose for extra protection. Some hats feature extra neck coverage.

You can never forget the swim diapers, of course, since they are reusable, waterproof, super absorbent and ensure a secure fit. Your baby will be able to enjoy the pool well protected against any embarrassing accidents.


Babies are more likely to have dehydration than adults, so parents need to be offering water constantly. “They don’t ask for water, which is why we have to offer it. Besides, their metabolic rate is higher and so is their need”, explains Dr. Rego. For that reason, pack up some insulated cups or water bottles. Another very great option is to take the food feeder with cut frozen fruits.

Sunscreen & Repellents              

Look for a mineral sunscreen that is safe for kids of all ages, including newborn babies. Even though many sunscreens are only recommended for babies 6 M+, there are some hypoallergenic and tear free, specially formulated for their delicate skin. As for repellents, opt for those that frighten the mosquitos away by emitting ultrasonic high-frequency sounds so you can avoid contact with skin.

Life vests & Floats

Your little swimmer can have fun in the water super protected with a strong UPF 50+ life vest or float. Speedo, Swimways and more brands both have floats with a removable canopy to also offer the perfect full flotation support for a child’s first time in the water. 

Now that you have all summer clothes and accessories to take care of your baby, pack up and go on a warm and nice family trip to enjoy the season.

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