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With a big baby checklist in hands, many parents don’t want to buy every item, simply because they don’t find it necessary at the moment, or because they’re on a budget – and that’s perfectly fine. But with so many products available, a really common question pops up: what’s really important for the baby’s first months? Check up our list and learn the most important things for your baby!


It’s really important that you have an assortment of clothes to protect your baby. For day-to-day clothes, think about comfort and practical items. Look for soft, durable and cotton clothing. To prevent rashes and skin irritation, use a baby-friendly laundry detergent.

Onesies: 5 to 7 units of each size

Shirts: 5 to 7 units of each size

Pants: 5 to 7 units of each size

Hats: One that covers de ears for the cold days and one for the sun

Socks and Mittens

Pajamas: 5 to 7 units of each size

Overalls: 5 to 7 units of each size

Baby-friendly laundry detergent

Carter's Boys' 3-Piece Construction Little Character Set


Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, you’ll probably use an average of 10 per day. If you prefer disposable, start with a few packages of each brand, because some types can cause allergies.


Diaper Rash Cream

Changing pad or table

Diaper Bag

Desitin Creamy Diaper Rash Cream, 6 oz. 2 Pack


Breastfeeding can be a bit difficult at the beginning. Ointments are essential to relieve sore nipples. Leaks can occur, so you will need breast pads. When you need to leave your baby with someone, the breast pump will allow your baby to benefit from your milk even when you’re not around, as well as help against the discomfort caused by the oversupply.

Breast pads

Burp Cloth: 6 to 12 units

Bibs: 4 to 8 units

Bottles and nipples: 6 to 12 units

Nipple cream


Pacifier: 2 to 4 units

Bottle brush

Breast pump

Storage bags

Chicco Natural Fit Baby's First Gift Set

Health & Hygiene

Your baby’s health requires a lot of special care. They are very delicate, so everything that you use should be baby-friendly. Bath time can get much easier if you wear the right accessories.


Shampoo and soap

Towels: 3 to 6 units

Hair brush

Nail file


First aid

Oral care set

Hygiene kit


Colic medicine

Colic Calm Plus


Decorating the baby’s room is part of every parent’s dream, but you will also need some products that will help with the daily care. Soft bedding and sheets will help your baby sleep warm and cozy!

Crib and bassinet

Crib matress

Night light

Crib Sheets

Matress cover

Blankets: 1 light and 1 heavier blanket

Lambs & Ivy Indigo Blanket


Babies also need to entertain themselves. Toys are good to catch their attention and help with their development. When you’re on the go, strollers and car seats are going to help you transport them safely.



Stuffed animals

Car seat


High chair

Graco 4ever All-in-One Car Seat
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