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Best baby strollers of 2019 and how to choose the right one for you

Most modern parents understand how strollers are the best and easiest way to move babies around, which is why is important to purchase a product that will last and grow with the family.  With a lot of new features and functionality, the best strollers of 2019 promise to make your life easier. However, before choosing the right one for you and your baby, you need to learn more about their different types, functions and accessories, and carefully consider all your needs.

First and most importantly is to know a child usually needs a stroller until about 4 or 5 years old, and for some other situations that require a long walk that might be exhausting for them, like spending the day at a theme park, even older children will need it. So parents should keep in mind this is an item that will stay with the family for a long time, especially if you think of having a second baby.

Since many different types of strollers are available, parents can get confused on which one to buy and this is why you’ll need to consider what you want to use the stroller for, where you live and what surroundings you expect to push your stroller at. If you live in a city where is often sunny and hot, a breathable, compact stroller is the one for you. If most days are cold and windy, one made of thicker fabric that comes with a foot muff is the perfect solution. If you drive around, you want to make your stroller fits into your car. Modern strollers are super versatile and can meet all your needs, no matter what’s your life style.

Even though some people prefer to check the strollers in person at a store, most websites have many details to share to help you get a better idea of what you’re buying; Lots of pictures taken by different angles, videos of reviews and demonstrations and all information regarding the products and their features. Have in mind what you’re looking for so you make the right choice. The essential questions you should be asking yourself are: Are you comfortable with the handle height and is it adjustable for both parents? Does it stay firmly into the position? Is it versatile and safe? How spacious the storage bag is? Does it have removable and washable fabric cover for easy cleaning? Are the breaks and swivel locks easy to use? Can you open and fold the stroller easily? Is it too heavy for you to carry or too large to fit into your trunk when folded? It might seem hard for first time parents, but learning about each type of strollers can clear your mind and help you answer those questions before making your mind.

Types of strollers

baby stroller

Full sized stroller

Standards strollers can either be single or double and have 3 or 4 wheels. They are called full size to distinguish them from umbrella strollers, since they offer more features and recline positions. Compatible to babies up until toddlers, these strollers come in many different colors, styles and designs. Some have the babies facing forward, others have the child looking back at the parents, but many models can shift orientation for what’s best for you. If you’re buying a stroller for your newborn baby, you just have to be careful to the manufacturer recommendation, since infants are still developing their head and spine and should be napping flat in the strollers. So you have to make sure the one you choose can actually recline.

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Umbrella Stroller

Four wheeled lightweight stroller easy to pick up and carry around. Very small when folded, this stroller usually weighs 12 pounds and is less expensive than models with more features. Some parents use them for traveling since they are nice for airport and for keeping in the car. However, because they don’t recline, they are not suitable for infants. This is frequently bought as a backup stroller and not convenient for everyday life.

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Jogging Stroller

These strollers have 3 air filled tires to make them easier to roll down the street while you’re jogging. Perfect for parents who can only jog when taking care of the baby, they feature a lightweight frame to provide a smoother ride for both mom and baby, and a front wheel that locks into place, allowing you to go fast. Because of their size, they are hard to maneuver, not being much convenient when not used outdoors for long walks or running. 

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Travel System Stroller

Basically, these are super portable strollers that come with car seats. They can be either a standard full sized or a jogging stroller, as long as they can carry an infant car seat. Travel System Strollers allow you to switch your sleeping baby from car to stroller without disturbing them or waking them up.  A better reason to have one of these is how long they will last with you, since they can be used as a stand-alone when your child outgrows the infant car seat. Because they have more features, they are usually heavier, larger and more expensive, but also more convenient.

The good news for parents who are looking to get the best strollers this year is that most manufacturers have been upgrading their products with all useful functions in order to optimize your time at the store and offer you the perfect solution. So before you decide to go ahead and buy any stroller that you don’t really know, take a look at this guide with the best strollers of 2019, that we carefully put together to help our customers.

Best Strollers of 2019

Babyzen Yoyo

Very compact and convenient stroller that became popular after being the first to be accepted and recognized as cabin luggage by most airlines companies. Yoyo+ folds and unfolds very quickly and has a size small enough to be carried like a bag when folded. It comes already with a storage pound and rain cover. For more versatility, parents can choose the color pack between 0+, from birth to 6 months or 6+, from 6 months onwards.

The 0+ color pack comes with a flat nest for infants, a 5 point harness, a 2 position pop-up canopy, a foot cover and a headrest to guarantee a perfect parent-facing position. Made of Sherpa fleece lining, it provides a smooth touch and comfort to your baby.

The 6+ color pack is great for when your little one is ready to sit up and see the world. Using the same frame, parents simply swap the newborn fabrics with the 6+. It offers comfortable padding with a 5-point harness and it can be inclined to multiple positions.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Uppababy Vista Stroller

Forward and parents facing stroller, Vista is very popular and well known for its high quality waterproof fabric. It comes with a bassinet with sunshade, rain cover and mosquito net, and it is compatible with most brands’ infant car seats. Vista converts into a double stroller when you purchase the second seat, which already comes with adapters. For the single stroller, however, no adapters are required. Very compact when folded, it stands on its own for more convenience.  With comfort and flexibility in mind, UPPAbaby has developed a durable product, with a large easy-access basket so you can take your child anywhere and storage drinks, snacks, diaper bags, toys and more.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Nuna Mixx

This great, high quality stroller ensures parents have all the features they are looking for.  Easy to maneuver and to open with just one hand, Mixx has a great performance in any terrains as well as an amazing progressive suspension technology in its four wheels. Perfect for all seasons, it has two ways facing options, so you can choose your favorite. Even though it is compatible with all Nuna car seats, this stroller can become a bassinet when fully reclined, which makes it great for both newborns and toddlers. It comes with a ring adapter for easy on and off one click travel system.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Silver Cross Jet

This perfect ultra-lightweight, compact travel stroller was designed to be easily taken onboard and kept in the luggage cabin of an airplane. With a very convenient travel system, parents can simply remove bumper bar and attach it to the stroller when folded, and then wheel it like a small suitcase. Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 40 pounds, this comfortable stroller features a lie flat reclining position that can be settled by just pulling its back. It comes with a luggage cover, rain cover and removable bumper bar/luggage handle.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Joolz Hub

Eco-friendly, compact and lightweight stroller, Hub is easy to maneuver and super stylish. Short for Hello Urban Beauty, Hub stands out very beautifully when used in urban environments. It features a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry around when folded. Parents can recline it into six ergonomic seat positions, including the lie flat position for newborns. It is also compatible with bassinet or infant car seats, being a very versatile option. 

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Cybex Mios

With modern, active parents in mind, Mios is designed to offer a lot of features and urban mobility solutions. Great option for parents looking for both stylish and lightweight strollers, it comes in different beautiful colors. Made of breathable mesh fabric to reduce the heat, Mios has a extendable XXL sun canopy to protect your little one from the weather, providing high UPF 50+ sun protection and a large window. Versatile, it can also be fully reclined to lay flat newborn babies, but it also comes with infant car seat adapters.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Bugaboo Fox Stroller

Perfect for traveling or for daily basis, Fox is designed to fit your lifestyle, providing a smooth and stable ride on all surfaces. An updated version of the old Buffalo, you actually get to buy all items separately in order to customize your stroller. You can choose your favorite frame, canopy, seat fabric and wheel caps and take home a unique stroller. With a light push and new joint suspension, Fox ensures comfort and a bump free ride for your baby. It also comes already with rain a rain cover and it is compatible with bassinets and infant car seats.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Uppababy Minu

Ultra lightweight and compact stroller that stands up on its own when folded to provide extra room in the trunk of your car or in a luggage cabin at an airplane, making this one of the best when it comes to travel friendly strollers.  It features a large storage basket with easy access either from the front or the back, real leather handle bars, all wheel suspension, a extendable UPF 5+ canopy with a vented peek a boo window and 5 point adjustable harness. Made of high quality polyester fabric, Minu is not suitable for newborns, but it is compatible with most infant car seats and bassinets brands. Adapters are sold separately.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

Nuna Tavo

Single full sized stroller with a many upgraded features from its last version. This new Tavo has two nice colors available, softer fabrics, leatherette and height adjustable push bar, increased suspension on 4 wheels and a removable and oversized UPF 50+ canopy with retractable flip out eyeshade. The new extended canopy also features a peek a boo window with magnetic closure so parents don’t need to wake up their baby to check on them. A comfortable all-season seat is adjustable with two integrated mesh and ventilation panels. Also suitable for newborns, it becomes a bassinet when you use the panels on both sides of footrest, but also connects to Pipa car seats series with no need for adapters. Besides its spacious basket, Tavo has a small basket extra pocket so mom and dad can keep their personal items.

Great option for a good price, this stroller opens and closes with one hand and offers a smooth, nice ride.

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

BOB Revolution flex

Durable, large jogging stroller, Revolution Flex is designed for parents who like to walk or jog. It has many great features to ensure comfort to your baby. Perfect for Sunny warm days, this stroller has a UPF 50+ nice and extra large canopy to protect your baby from the sun. For mom and dad convenience, it comes with storage compartments on the sides of the seat and also a mesh pocket in the back, so you keep snacks, drinks or other personal stuff. Ideal for all-terrain with a smooth ride, Revolution Flex holds children up to 70 lbs. 

best strollers 2019, babyzen yoyo, baby strollers

For more details, we also prepared a video for you, showing you all you need to know about the strollers mentioned above. Check it out!

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