Calm Mom and Dad!
We know that there are many details.

The wide variety of brands and models make the purchase of your baby’s stroller difficult and distressing.
To help reduce your research time, we have prepared this post for you, with various tips and types of strollers.

The tips below are foolproof and will ensure that you choose the best baby stroller for your reality:

Tip 1: Cart weight
Observe the description of the product weight. Having to drive a very heavy cart is not going to make your life easier. In addition, when you need to close, the inconvenience will be greater.

Tip 2: Supported weight
The child’s weight is important to be observed when choosing the type of stroller. Be careful not to exceed the permitted limit. After purchasing the ideal stroller, to keep the baby safe and comfortable, the ideal is to change the stroller according to your child’s growth.

Tip 3: Stroller size closed
Another detail that needs to be investigated is the size of the closed cart. It is important that it fits in the trunk of the car when traveling. Another guideline is to look at whether being closed does not harm other people’s space in the car.

Tip 4: Additional functions
The cart having some extra functions can be the differential to decide your purchase.
Some examples may include:
4.1 – reversal system;
4.2 – compatibility with baby comfort;
4.3 – removable wheels.

Tip 5: Suitability with age
In babies, observe comfort and safety, as they are still very small and fragile. For children from 2 years of age, as they are more physically independent, the stroller should provide pleasant and safe rides.
From 3 years old onwards, although the stroller is no longer necessary, observe the child’s weight and the limit supported by the product.

In addition to the tips, we also separated the TYPES OF STROLLERS to help you:
We selected, 4 types of baby stroller to detail.

Type 1 – Travel System
This is the most complete type of cart you can have. The term Travel System means that it is one in which the baby comfort can be attached directly to the stroller seat. Another suggestion is to place the seat directly on the product structure.
Can be used on newborn children and up to the ideal age or weight indicated by the chosen model
Additionally, it comes with the comfort baby that serves as a car seat, that can be used as a crib.
In the Travel System model, you will find many interesting advantages for comfort and practicality in your day to day.

Type 2 – Stroller City Tour
The stroller of this type has the convenience of opening and closing like an umbrella. There are also those that close as an “envelope”. For this reason many parents choose to buy this product.
It can even be used for the child to lie down or sit. Ideal for walking around your neighborhood or visiting friends and family. Therefore, its use is recommended in newborn children up to the weight or age recommended by the chosen model.

Type 3 – Modular Stroller
The main feature of this cart is the fact that the modules can be attached or removed at the time that is most convenient. With this, it can be switched according to the baby’s growth and specific needs.
The stroller structure is free and you choose the module you place, for example:
• sports chair from 6 months to 3 years;
• “Moisés” from 0 to 6 months or up to 9 kg (consult the weight allowed by the brand);
• baby comfort 0 to 18 months or 13kg (consult the weight allowed by the brand).
It also has a super practical placement system.
There are models on the market that allow you to close them with or without the seat.

Type 4 – Double Stroller
In this type of cart, you have two options to choose from:
• Little train type: Very useful for all types of brothers. With the differential of not occupying lateral space, it also makes it possible to place car seats.
• Side by side: Although the name says that it is to be used for twins it is also possible for siblings of different ages. You only need to observe the specifications to see if the object holds the child and if the product can enter your home.

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