Repellents: We have the solution for your baby!

We know that many dads and moms are afraid about the famous allergies, which spread through mosquito bites.

Experts says that the use of repellents that are applied on the skin are recommended only when the child goes to open places that have a greater chance of attack by the mosquito, such as beaches or farms and indicate the following classifications:

0 to 6 months: there are no studies that prove the damage that the repellent can cause to the health of very young babies, but if the use is necessary, it can happen as long as a pediatrician indicates;

over 6 months: the use of repellents that have a substance called IR3535, present in Johnson & Johnson’s Anti-mosquito Lotion, is allowed to be applied every 4 hours;

6 months to 2 years: the most common repellents that contain DEET can be used. However, continuous use of the substance is not recommended, as it can have toxic effects.

2 years or more: repellents based on icaridine, a substance derived from pepper, such as Exposis Infantil can be used and have an action of up to 10 hours.

With that in mind, PRIMO PASSI has developed an ultrasonic repellent. Mosquito Repellents Primo Passi uses the latest technology developed by NASA to combat mosquitoes;  making outdoor activities safe and worry-free.

 This device emits a high frequency ultrasonic sound that scares mosquitoes, creating a natural and effective protection for the whole family. It has been tested and proven to be effective in preventing mosquitoes.

Use it with the included lanyard, attach it or attach it to a baby stroller, shoes, purse or diaper bag.


· COVERAGE: Broad protection of Up to 9feet. 

· MESS FREE: No more greasy and smelly mosquito repellent lotions. Just turn it on with a click of a button.

· SAFE: No harmful chemicals, insecticide free & eco-friendly product; Safe for kids and pets.


· 3 TIME SETTINGS: 4 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours

· INDOOR AND OUTDOOR: Effectively protects indoor and outdoor. Enjoy camping, fishing, jogging or just relaxing on your back yard.

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