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Taking a baby to Orlando Theme Parks: essential gear you’ll need

Taking your baby to Disney World or any other theme park in Orlando certainly is going to be a lot of fun, since all the parks have a lot of great rides and areas designed for the little ones, not to mention the characters meet and greet interactions that provide magical moments your family will never forget. Planning your day in advance and preparing yourself and your baby for it make all the difference in whether you will have a good time or a lot of worries.

In order to better help parents pack up and get ready for a fun day in the parks, we talked to a passholder mom Aline Dos Anjos who’s every week there with her 1 year old Arthur and she told us all the stuff she carries with her that make everything easier for the family. Check it out!


Parents can never go out without a good, comfortable stroller! Not only your baby is going to spend most of the time inside the stroller, but you can also use it to keep all of your bags and accessories.


When her son is not in the stroller, Aline says she likes to use an umbrella to protect him from Florida’s sun and heat. It is important to notice here that a lot of strollers offer cover option that is sold separately to protect baby from the sun or from the rain. So maybe this one is a great option for you. 

Cooler and insulated bag

Aline points out that restaurants in the park don’t usually offer healthy food for babies to eat, which is why she always takes Arthur’s food with her. The cooler is used for water (for both baby and parents), cookies and yogurt. And the insulated bag is for bottles and fresh food.

Diaper bag

A lot of diaper bags provide space enough to keep all baby and mom’s essential items inside, including insulated pockets for baby bottles. Parents fortunately have a variety of options available to choose the one that match their needs. The bag is going to keep most of the products that you are going to use during the day in the park. So keep an eye on the following items! 

Baby accessories

All main baby accessories come in this category, such as a change of clothes just in case of any accidents, pacifiers, blanket, hat, sunglasses, socks and sunscreen. Babies 6 months older can and should use sunscreen, especially because of hot Florida’s sun. Baby Jolie’s sunscreen can even be used by newborn babies.

Diapers and accessories

Just because you are going to need diapers everywhere you go, right? Also important to take along with you all the diapering accessories. Aline explains all the needs to take with her are wipes, wash cloth and diaper rash cream. 

Changing pad
Not all the restrooms provide paper or towels to change the diapers. So it’s important to bring your own with you.

So now you are ready to enjoy your day in the park with your baby. Take a lot of pictures and let the magic begin.

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