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Toy Story reminds the importance of toys for a child’s development

Toy Story 4 premiere this week, bringing back to the big screen the well-known and beloved toy characters by generations since the first one was released in 1995 in a partnership between Disney and Pixar at the time. The anticipation has been high ever since Disney announced the 4th film, since the previous trilogy was already a huge success and emotional on a deep, personal level for so many people. As we follow Woody, Buzz and their friends, we can see from the perspective of a toy the process of growing up and having to leave behind the fun, innocent moments from your childhood. A simple storyline that almost everybody can relate to.

The reason behind the Toy Story franchise being a worldwide hit is likely the way the toys not only teach us basic sensory and motor skills but also stimulate our imagination and creativity. And as Walt Disney used to say, “Our greatest natural resource is the mind of our children”. And like his own family, cowboy Woody and the other toys witness Andy’s development and growth and spend all movies trying to make peace with the fact that someday he wouldn’t need them anymore. Hopefully, they could totally make a difference in some other kid’s life, because toys have a history along with them. Even though in real life they can’t talk, but they still carry years of making children laugh.

The thing is that Toy Story movies have reminded us of the painful process of growing into independent adults, but more than that, they have made us realize the importance of the toys in our lives. They are our friends when we are still too young to make friends, they’re always there even when there’s no one else, and they can be whoever we want them to be. We can light up our imagination and go above and beyond with it.

If you leave the emotional side behind, toys are also great for educating children on many levels. They teach colors, numbers, help develop sensorial, visual and language skills, besides stimulating problem-solving. Nowadays there are toys for every different need and development stage of a child, even ones specially designed for children with autism, deaf or blind.

In our article about how simple toys can help special needs children to develop their skills, we were able to talk to the Educational psychologist Ana Beatriz Mello, who explained some of the benefits of the toys for the little ones. According to her, both teachers and psychologists can observe how kids are able to socialize and understand the basic rules of coexistence, as well as unconsciously learn logical thinking, language organization, and motor skills.

And since Toy Story is once again back to remind all of us how important it is to play with toys, we brought to you a list of the best toys for different ages that your child will love to have for a long time while growing up.

Plush toys and stuffed animals

Super soft, these toys are perfect for your child to take everywhere and even sleep with them; they great to squeeze and play with. We have a variety of stuffed animals with different sizes to be loved and enjoyed for kids of all ages.

Activity toys
Interactive and educational toys provide activities to help your baby or toddler develop their skills. Many of them have sounds, lights, and different textures to entertain your little one. These are some of the parents’ favorite toys to buy for their children.

Characters toys
Characters toys can be Disney princess, action figures of superheroes, plush toys of popular movies such as Cars, Paw Patrol, Despicable Me, Toy Story and more. Your child will definitely love having a famous beloved character as their pal.

Cars, trucks, and Dolls
Imagination starts with these toys! And if you just remember how Andy loves to create stories of action and drama involving all his toys in Toy Story, you will understand the value of having more options. Both boys and girls can explore all the toys here, including trucks, cars, and dolls!

Infant toys
Babies also love toys! And some of the most beloved ones are the mobiles, playmats, teethers, rattles, and bouncers. And the little ones will stay calm and relaxed to enjoy the day.

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