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The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is a time when we will talk to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We’re making history! Your kids probably won’t remember that moment in detail and why not immortalize them in a time capsule ?! We are sure that, despite the circumstances, many beautiful memories are being created. That’s why we created Time Capsule, so kids and parents can document their experiences together now. Let’s together make this period lighter and more hopeful for our children.


Silver Cross introduces the new Jet 2020 stroller at MacroBaby store

MacroBaby store in Orlando held an important training meeting last week for its sales associates and partners with a Silver Cross representative, where they were introduced to the new Jet 2020 stroller and all its 62 different updates and modifications, including new features, looks, and functionalities.  The reason for this special visit is that MacroBaby is one of the 8 exclusive stores in the United States, and the only one in Orlando, that will be selling the new Silver Cross compact stroller, which is going to be available on February 21st. Lightweight and ultra-compact, the Jet stroller has become a


Realistic reborn dolls have become a trend among children

Reborn dolls may be collecting items for many adults due to their realistic looks and details, but they definitely have become popular among children as well. Every week, MacroBaby receives more and more children from all over the world to its Dolls Maternity, looking to go through the “adoption” experience and take home their own lifelike baby doll. And even though reborn dolls are also beloved by adults and seniors, it’s the kids who make the maternity a huge hit at Macrobaby. Coming from Brazil, the UK, Iceland and other European countries, they get fascinated by the diversity of dolls


Enjoy Black Friday to get the best and most durable baby products

The Black Friday madness is already hitting every store in the country, making shoppers hungry with the holiday shopping spirit to find the best deals in the market. And while most people only focus on getting their hands on electronics, such as iPhones and other smartphones, computers, tablets and TVs, many parents-to-be enjoy the lowest prices to get what’s really worth and durable for their child from reliable popular baby brands that are known for high quality products, safety and comfort; Items that will definitely grow with the family. This is why is so important to understand the products you


ABC Kids Expo 2019: launches from Britax, Uppababy, Baby Jogger and more

Our products specialist Ana Laura Guitti is was Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo 2019 this week to check all the new launches from popular brands, such as Iplay Baby, Baby jogger, Peg-Perego, B.o.B and more. ABC Kids is the largest expo in the juvenile industry, and it’s a great opportunity to see what’s trending on the market in terms of colors, design and technology. Most of the products displayed on the Expo will only be available next year, so moms and dads still have time to prepare themselves and learn about some incredible new stuff for their baby.


Breastfeeding Tips

Nursing your baby may be the most natural thing, but it’s not the easiest job. Most moms will have a lot of work before they’re able to breastfeed naturally. These 15 tips will help new moms and moms-to-be on breastfeeding and increasing lactation: – Try to breastfeed within the first hour of birth. This helps your uterus contract while providing valuable colostrum. – Prepare for your milk to come in. This occurs on about the third or fourth day after birth. You’ll know it’s happened because your breasts suddenly increase several cup sizes! – Your baby is good at giving


Types of Baby Thermometers

Handling an infant’s first fever can be pretty frightening, which is the reason why you need to have the ideal infant thermometer in your first-aid kit. Any fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is a serious business, especially if your baby is less than three months old. Considering that the “touch test” isn’t necessarily reliable or precise, and babies cannot tell you how they feel, a baby thermometer that is especially invented to measure and display babies’ temperature is the very best way to find out if you have to make a visit to the emergency room, call your pediatrician or only


Introducing solid foods to your baby

After six months feeding your baby exclusively on breast milk, it may be the time to slowly introduce solid food to her. Is there a feeding schedule to follow? What are the recommended food and snacks to give to my baby? Will she choke? Those are just a few questions many parents usually ask their doctor in this stage of their child’s life, and it’s completely normal to be scared and confused since it’s all new for the whole family. But before getting started, it’s important to tell if your baby is ready for it. Once they double their weight


Toy Story reminds the importance of toys for a child’s development

Toy Story 4 premiere this week, bringing back to the big screen the well-known and beloved toy characters by generations since the first one was released in 1995 in a partnership between Disney and Pixar at the time. The anticipation has been high ever since Disney announced the 4th film, since the previous trilogy was already a huge success and emotional on a deep, personal level for so many people. As we follow Woody, Buzz and their friends, we can see from the perspective of a toy the process of growing up and having to leave behind the fun, innocent moments from your childhood.


Meghan Markle to break Royal Family tradition with new stroller

A lot of articles this week pointed the Bugaboo Fox as the stroller that Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have opted for their baby Archie. Sources close to the couple say the buggy was a gift from a close friend who used it herself for her kids and thought it was the best one. With style, comfortable seat and fabric lining and all-wheel suspension, this pram is known to perform perfectly anywhere, from snowy trails to city streets, which will be great for Meghan to take long walks with Archie. Even though the couple hasn’t been seen with the fancy £1,200